Mission Statement

We believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the promotion of its message through the teachings of the Catholic Church and the sharing of our spirituality.

We believe a central message of the Gospel is to build unity with each other in Christ, by means of networking and communication.

We recognise the use of technology to facilitate communication, collaboration, understanding and culture, as well as evangelisation.

We work from and within a holistic and universal view of the Church, and Her parishes, agencies and people.

We are committed to assisting our clients in their mission through the best possible and/or most suitable means available, in a professional and personal manner.

We willingly provide technology advice, consultation and liaison, and associated services.

An important aspect of our mission is allowing Church parishes, agencies and people to:

  • better engage with the right technologies
  • receive the technology tools and services they want and need without fear of their cost
  • benefit from a universal view of IT service delivery and management

We are always open to learning new ways to do this.

At all times we endeavour to be welcoming and hospitable, treating our clients, visitors and one another with respect, courtesy and affirmation.