How We Offer You More

Parish IT is not your traditional IT service provider. We have built a company with only one purpose in mind: To support the important work you do in whatever way we can.

This is not some kind of marketing cry or buzz word; it’s our entire way of thinking about what we offer, and how we deliver it to you. This means that we have developed our operations and practices to benefit you, first and foremost.

Some of the practical ways in which we put your needs first include:

1. No Product Markups

We NEVER charge markup on any hardware, license or software sale, regardless of whether this is through one of our partner distribution channels or not.

In other words, you get products, software and licenses at cost price! Whatever discount we may have received is passed directly and completely on to you, which means you only pay for our expertise and time to install and support.


2. Genuinely Fixed Fees

We only charge one fixed monthly or yearly fee for all of our support services. This means that all inclusions in your package are offered on an unlimited basis – no matter how many times you call us or how much work we do, your fee remains the same.

This allows you to budget your IT spend, with full confidence that these services cover your needs.


3. All Onsite Visits Included!

Many of our clients have been in support arrangements that charge a fixed monthly fee, but are then slogged with additional charges just to have someone visit them. This is especially frustrating when the visit does not yield the desired result, or the issue takes only a few minutes to fix.

Our INSPIRIT package is the best value IT support available to your organisation. This is not least because we will attend your site as often as we need to. This means:

  • No call-out or scheduling fees.
  • Onsite support as and when required, as long as required.
  • Travel to and from your site as required (interstate visits may be subject to specific dates)


4. Satisfaction Meetings – All About You

We hold regular Client Satisfaction meetings (usually annually) with our clients, whether on an ESSENTIALS or INSPIRIT package. These meetings can be thought of as an open forum, where it is encouraged that any and all topics related to your IT support needs are raised and discussed.

The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. It allows us to review the year that was, and how the delivery of our services has met with your needs and expectations, and
  2. It allows us to look beyond what we are delivering to you now, in order to plan for any future needs you may have coming up. For example, perhaps we have eliminated the network performance issues you were having, so now you can focus on a new website.

These meetings are important to us, as they ensure that everyone is on the same page with regard to your IT plan.


5. Project Consulting Included

In the event that you have a requirement for a significant change or upgrade that falls outside the scope of your support package, we will provide advice as to your options in each case, at no additional charge.

As your IT provider, we know what technology you employ, how things are setup, and which suppliers and partners to seek solutions from. This knowledgebase will be used to prepare a project scope and quote, which we would deliver and charge for as a dedicated IT Project.